LittleBigPlanet Servers Are Alive

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Just last night I opened my freshly minted copy of LittleBigPlanet and slipped it into my PlayStation 3 console, only to be mildly disappointed by the fact that the servers weren't available and all of the awesome community content that is sure to define the game was locked away behind impenetrable internet walls. Then I made my sackboy do a little dance, and everything was better. Now this morning I log in and lo and behold, the servers are live, and I am connected! Do you know what this means? It means my sackboy dance brought the servers to life. That, or someone at Sony switched them on, but I'm going with the dance thing, no matter what Owen says. While the servers are indeed live, there's still no sign of DLC for LBP, despite the in-game news page urging me to log into the PlayStation Store and download me some. I'm sure that will all be worked out by week's end. For now, get to creating and sharing! Can't wait to see what horrors you guys come up with.

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