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There are many, many ways you could tart up a dreary, Communist-designed block of old flats in Eastern Germany. You could knock them down, for starters. Or, if that's a little drastic, you could always give them a new coat of paint. Or you could overboard and cover the entire side of the building in a LittleBigPlanet motif ahead of the Leipzig Games Conference, which kicks off next week. Up to you.

Illustration for article titled LittleBigBlockOfFlats

Leipzig is ready for GC [GC Blog]

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If only they could do that for many of the old buildings here in the States. Imagine...a nice collage for LBP and on the side of a Government project complex...a nice gigantic and gory picture of Gears of War 2. And on the side of city hall...Street Fighter IV. Yeah, ingame....errr umm in-life advertising is great.