Little Witch Academia TV Series Announced

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This morning, studio TRIGGER announced the television adaption of hit shojo anime Little Witch Academia. Yoh Yoshinari, whose work appears in Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, will return to direct the 30-minute episodes. We will update when a release date is confirmed.


A sort of anime Harry Potter, the story follows amateur witch Akko Kagari’s adventures at Luna Nova Magical Academy, a school for girl witches. Her life’s ambition is to live up to her idol, the sensational magical girl Shiny Chariot, whom her peers believe is a total fraud. Akko’s only problem is that she’s, well, pretty incompetent.

Originally released in 2013 as a 30-minute short, the magical girl anime earned so much love that its hour-long sequel surpassed its $150,000 Kickstarter goal in just one day.


You can look forward to many episodes of adorable wizardry and dungeon-crawling in the coming months.

“Believing is magic!” as Chariot says.

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As an old school otaku who is yelling at clouds and telling kids to get off their lawn, I want to ask a question. And I hope I’m not coming across as a killjoy, I’m just genuinely curious.

What exactly is it about Trigger’s stuff that people find appealing? I’ve tried watching stuff Trigger has done like Gurren Lagaan and Kill La Kill... and I just don’t get the appeal. ESPECIALLY Kill La Kill. It just strikes me as too screamy-screamy and zany for my tastes. It’s way too over the top and is a total turn-off to me.

I mean, if you like the stuff that’s great. I don’t want to take that away from you. But I just don’t get it.