Lips Getting Better Scoring, Leaderboards, and Coldplay

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March brings a slew of fixes, features, and fan favorites to the Xbox 360 karaoke game Lips, with an early March title update delivering improved scoring and international leaderboards, just in time for Coldplay.


As a proud owner of Lips, I've often felt the game has given me far too much credit for my vibrato. I mean, I can vibrato as well as the next guy, but Lips thinks I'm some kind of vibrato machine. Hopefully that error will be fixed in the early March Lips title update, which promises to improve the game's scoring system, tweak vibrato detection, and launch global leaderboards, allowing me to see how much better everyone else in the world sings. Joy!

The update is scheduled for early March, ideally before the March 13th release of the Coldplay track pack, featuring three songs from the Grammy-award winning band: "The Scientist", "Speed of Sound", and "In My Place."


Below you'll full list of downloadable songs heading to Lips leading up to the Coldplay track pack, from this week's "How to Save A Life", The Fray's tune that Scrubs always uses when it wants to be serious, to March 6th's addition of Metro Station's "Shake It", quickly becoming the most annoying song of the decade.

Available Now!

Speed Up – Funkerman

How To Save A Life – The Fray

Swing Life Away – Rise Against

Available on 2/27

The Adventure – Angels and Airwaves

Amber – 311

In The Shadows – The Rasmus

Available on 3/6

Hook Me Up – The Veronicas

Lips of an Angel – Hinder

Shake It – Metro Station

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as long as rock band and guitar hero world tour still exist, this and singstar are pretty useless