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The classic 1980 film Xanadu finally gets some video game loving, as Microsoft announce Olivia Newton John's "Magic" as part of their Valentine's Day downloadable content for karaoke game Lips.


Three new tracks drop for Lips on February 13th, celebrating the holiday of love with the songs such as Avril Lavigne's "My Happy Ending" and "Buttons" from The Pussycat Dolls, with a special appearance by Snoop Dogg. While I'm sure both of these songs are quite nice, by far the most exciting entry is Olivia Newton John's 1980 song "Magic" from the soundtrack to the film Xanadu, which cast Olivia as a muse that inspires an album cover artist to open a disco. God I love the 80's.

The song was actually one of Olivia Newton John's biggest hits, and honestly not a bad tune. For those of you who'd like to refresh your memory, there's an excellent YouTube video available that highlights just how spectacular Xanadu was.


As for the downloadable versions of "Magic" and friends, they should be magically available tomorrow on Xbox Live for 125 points a piece.

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