Lionsgate Sees Wii Movie Streaming In The Near Future

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A top executive for Canadian film and television distributor Lionsgate thinks that the Nintendo Wii could be streaming movies by the end of this year.


Curt Marvis heads up the digital media division of Lionsgate, so he knows all about the digital distribution of movies and televisions shows. The question is, how well does he know the Wii?

The thing that is clearly a force in digital are the game devices. I think when we see the Wii come into the market with the ability to stream movies, which I think is maybe going to happen as soon as this year, I think that's going to be a big marketplace for digital distribution.

Non confirmation, but as Variety points out, the digital media VP of the most financially successful independent film and television distributor in North America could very well know something we don't.

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So downloading movies instead of DVDs...

With the Wii as popular as it is, it's only a matter of time DVD's and discs become obsolete.