Lionhead Studios Wanted Ridley Scott-like Fable II

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For Fable II, Lionhead Studios wanted a more mature look. In fact, in the game's original mission statement, the developer put forth it wanted Fable II to be like Fable done by Ridley Scott. Lionhead technical art director Ian Lovett explains:

The idea behind that is that Microsoft understand Ridley Scott, they understand that this means that we wanted to mature the franchise a little bit. Not losing its charm, but basically trying to grow it up ever so slightly.


Hope Lionhead meant the Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator Ridley Scott and not the White Squall, Hannibal, 1492 Ridley Scott. Those movies sucked. Fable 2 art guys wanted "Fable, but done by Ridley Scott" [Eurogamer] [Pic]

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Give me another Blade Runner game ! On a side note give me FABLE 2 !