Lingerie Football League Is Ready to Tackle Video Games

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Those garter wearing gridiron warriors are coming to video games. That's right, the Lingerie Football League inked a deal with Japanese developer Yuke's Co. for a line of games destined to hit yet unspecified platforms.

"As a leading sports and entertainment focused company, we have to keep a pulse on what is the next big franchise," said Yuke's boss Yukinori Taniguchi. "We at Yuke's feel that there is incredible momentum building behind the LFL and that the sport is perfectly positioned to become the next big franchise in the gaming world."

Yuke's is best known for its wrestling games, such as the WWE games and the female fighting title Rumble Roses XX. The LFL is known for skimpy outfits and skimpy pay.


Lingerie Football League Teams with Yukes [LFL via NeoGAF]

(Top photo: LFL)

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Rachel Fogg

I suppose I could say something about the posting of the LFL amongst the various articles of 'sexism' 'rape' etc...I believe it'll be hammered to death in the comments so.

However I will say this, damnit those 'uniforms' suck! Fucking LACE with BOWS? Do guys like that? It's so...ewww, you could have just gone with black lace trim and sans the bows, it's the bows that kills it.