Lineage 2: Revolution, the mobile MMO that almost plays itself, has picked up a substantial number of players since its worldwide release last month. More than enough to participate in the regular 30-vs-30 Open Siege battles starting today as part of the game’s first big update.

While much of the game runs just fine on auto-pilot (which I enjoy much more than I thought I would), Lineage 2: Revolution’s Open Siege battles will require players’ full attention. Players group up and attempt to take down the enemy’s “Holy Artifact,” which is protected by both opposing players and automated defense towers. In the middle of the map are a pair of altars and a healing pool. Controlling one or both altars grants a team an attack boost. It’s very much like a traditional MOBA, only instead of NPC minions, there are 60 players fighting in real time.


Sounds pretty excellent. The only downside is these Open Siege battles only take place three days a week—Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—from 11:30 PM to midnight Eastern time (this first week’s battles will be today and Saturday). That’s a little late for us East Coasters, but at least it’s just three days for a half-hour at a time.

Along with Open Siege battles, the update also introduces Fortress Siege, which is basically the same sort of thing, only with up to 50 players on each side. Held once a week on Friday nights, Fortress Siege is all about clan warfare. Opposing clans (or guilds) spend Thursday bidding on available fortresses. On Friday the winning bidders go up against the clan defending the fortress. Seeing as my current clan only has about 10 players, it’ll be a while before I try that out.

All of this, plus three new servers to help deal with the massive influx of North American and European players since Lineage 2: Revolution’s launch. Not a bad start for Netmarble’s mobile MMO.

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