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Lifetime British Console Sales Figures Get

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In a rare act of charity, the usually-stingy ChartTrack have released some hard, useful sales data for the British market, in the form of lifetime sales figures for the current generation of both home and portable consoles. As of this month, the PS3 has sold 1.4 million units. The 360 has sold 2.3 million. The Wii, however, has both trumped, nearly outnumbering the competition combined at a healthy 3.6 million sold. And the handhelds? Nowhere near as close. The PSP has sold 2.9 million units, while the DS has sold a whopping 7.1 million. So, yeah, Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo. Explains the weekly sales charts. Console installed base almost doubles in UK []


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Darth Tigris

This is exactly why I don't like it when Europe is clumped into one cohesive market. Console sales are all over the place depending on the COUNTRY, not the continent. There are countries, like the UK, where the 360 is still handily beating the PS3. There are others where the PS3 is handily beating the 360 AND the Wii. Its very diverse.