Life With PlayStation Out For Some

We've filed this as "rumor" because we haven't been able to verify for ourselves — even after downloading the latest PS3 update. But apparently, the 2.43 PS3 update adds Life With PlayStation for some. The Sony service shows the Earth, and users can access current news and weather for locations around the world. It's possible to even pull up the full article from the headline. Word is that Life becomes available after updating Folding@Home and that it supposedly becomes available then. As previously, mentioned, we were not successful and many others weren't as well. But there are pics, and hi-res pics at that, of Life with PlayStation of people who claim to have been able to download it. Folks over in the Sony forums state that it appears this was only possible for a short window of time. At the very least, we do know that Life with PlayStation is around the corner. Re: LIFE WITH PLAYSTATION OUT NOW!!! [ Forums Thanks, sirpilf!]


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I just updated, my PS3 is jap. but I'm in Australia, where is my LWPS?