Life-Size LEGO Titanfall Sniper Rifle Is Even Better With A Burn Card

Without enhancements, Nick Jensen's life-sized LEGO recreation of Titanfall's Kraber AP sniper rifle is pretty damn impressive. Amp it with a Burn Card and it's downright explosive.

Nick, AKA Nick Brick, has a real knack for building weapons out of LEGO. Having already dominated close-range firearms with the LEGO Titanfall shotgun, the Kraber AP gives him a chance to put some distance between him and his imaginary target.


Not only is it gorgeous, it's also functional. It won't actually fire bullets or explode (boooo), but it does feature a movable trigger, removable side-load magazine, bolt-action, folding legs and a see-through scope.

Once Nick finished building the rifle, he took it out back and fired off a few rounds. Then he spent a couple of hours in what I am going to guess is Adobe Aftereffects to create this video.

I am jealous of Nick's skill, but grateful he chooses to share it with us dedicated kit builders. Hit up the link below to check out his full gallery.


Titanfall Kraber-AP Sniper Rifle [Flickr via Polygon]

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