You live in a big, crazy metropolis. You're going down the street for groceries or to meet some friends for a drink. Then a dude runs down the street, yanks an old lady out of her car and starts shooting stuff up. This keeps happening. All the time. What the hell?! One character in a new web series starts to put the pieces together: he's in a video game.

Non-Playable Character just started showing on Machinima and focuses on a regular dude named Mike, whose life gets torn up on a disturbingly frequent basis by random catastrophes. Voice actor Oliver Vaquer—who played Robert Lutece in BioShock Infinite—stars as Mike.

As seen in movies like The Truman Show and Ed, the slow realization that you're inside a fictional construct is a premise rife with potential for comedy. It'll be interesting to see how Non-Playable Character puts a video game spin on this idea.


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