You know the story: Rough, wild individual settles down. Gets a job. And turns into a boring member of society. It doesn't just happen to regular people. It also apparently happens to Japanese role-playing characters.

You have to grow up and move on! You can't be in Japanese role-playing games forever! (Technically you can.) With the Final Fantasy X HD trailer hitting recently, now is a good time to take a look at the life of one of its characters, Wakka. He primarily appears in two games, Final Fantasy X and FFX-2. However, Wakka does show up in the Kingdom Hearts games.


The below fan-created image shows what happened to Wakka: he apparently became a Japanese salaryman, got old, and, um, died. The last image is Wakka's "iei" (遺影); these are the photos of the deceased displayed at funerals in Japan.

It's a journey that many people take. Minus the appearing in Final Fantasy games, of course.

ワッカの人生 [ふたば保管庫]

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