Let's Watch Insane Speedruns All Night

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Good evening, Kotaku! Are you watching Summer Games Done Quick? If not, time to fix that.


We're nearing the end of the marathon—which has been running strong for the past week—and the folks behind it have raised over half a million dollars for Doctors Without Borders so far.

Right now they're doing Zelda: Link to the Past—which has been sick—and soon afterwards, they're doing Link Between Worlds, followed by a potential bonus run of Ocarina of Time, and then some Super Metroid.


Then, at 1:30am, the one we've all been waiting for: Final Fantasy VI. I am going to try to stay up. WISH ME LUCK.

Watch right here:

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Man, that's a lot of weird glitchy stuff going on in the Link to the Past speedrun. Wonder how he remembers everything he needs to do for a full 2 hours