Let's Try Not To Fall Asleep During The Old Republic's Jedi Consular Video

Known for their epic feats of stoicism and understanding, the Jedi Consular class in Star Wars: The Old Republic is sure to have even the most caffeinated MMO players waking up in a puddle of drool with their keyboard imprinted on their foreheads.


I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks. Not all MMO character classes can be flashy and exciting. It's not like facilitating a treaty between rival factions is something you can add flashing lights to and slip onto an action bar.

Well, unless you're an Anarchy Online Bureaucrat, the official class for players that get excited over armor that resembles a business suit. I played one of those ages ago, and while my powers weren't too exciting, I felt like a complete pimp while pulling them off.


Perhaps that's how playing the Jedi Consular feels. Who feels like breaking beta NDA? I'd check for myself, but alas, no beta for me.

Update: Sorry about that, seemed to have fallen asleep while pasting the video code in.

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I really don't understand how anyone has faith in Bioware anymore. You can only proclaim "well, all their best people went to The Old Republic!" for so long. Bioware sucks, and have ever since Black Isle dissolved. Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins were happy accidents. :(

"Who feels like breaking beta NDA? I'd check for myself, but alas, no beta for me."

Well, with that attitude...