There has been No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2. They are, says series creator Goichi Suda, like emptying one's bowls. No More Heroes 3? That's like diarrhea, he says.

"With No More Heroes 1, the idea came when I was literally sitting on the toilet. It was the result of trying to empty my bowels, if you like," Suda tells the Guardian in a video interview.

No More Heroes requires players to have protagonist Travis Touchdown sit on the toilet to save the game.


"With No More Heroes 2, I tried to get rid of whatever was left over in my bowels, and luckily it all happened," Suda continues. "What we are hoping to do now with No More Heroes 3 is probably to digest everything we eat and then purge absolutely everything in our guts, just like diarrhea!"

The No More Heroes designer has mentioned No More Heroes 3 previously. He just didn't use diarrhea to explain it.


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