Let's Talk About Death Stranding Spoilers

One does not simply play all the way through Death Stranding without yelling about it to a fellow player afterward. In this video you can watch Heather Alexandra and I discuss the game’s darkest plot secrets at length.

(This post itself, however, contains no spoilers.)

Note: Aware of the possibility that this website will auto-play the video when you click on this post, I scripted a spoiler-free (nonsense-full) intro set to the Monday Night Football theme music. This gives you roughly one minute and 45 seconds to pause the video before you could possibly hear a spoiler. 


Yesterday I asked Twitter to send me questions or conversation topics for me and Heather to discuss during this video. We got some wonderful questions. However, the most common question was, “Has anyone actually beaten the game yet?”

The game has been available to the general public for about 108 hours. If you play Death Stranding the way I played it, that means you could have finished it, written a review, and taken a shower.


Now, I don’t expect anyone to play video games the way I play video games. I know that many of you enjoy the luxury of never having to factor deadlines into your hobby time.

However, I also understand that this is a Hideo Kojima game. It is the first Hideo Kojima game in many years. Death Stranding’s three-year hype cycle dazzled us with cryptic trailers. Many of you probably are, like I was, so curious about what it is that once you start you won’t stop until you know what all of it is.

As I said in my video review, theorizing about Death Stranding’s plot is going to amount to a hobby for millions of people for a period of years. Trailer analysis videos and pre-release Reddit posts were Little League compared to the MLB of this post’s comments section. So batter up in the comments, my friend.

A fun note: some of the best questions I got in Twitter DMs were from people who confessed to having come nowhere close to finishing the game yet. They phrased these questions as “just something I’ve been thinking about.” Or “Is it just my imagination?” These questions felt extremely vital to our discussion, because they helped us remember when we, too, were composing similar questions earlier in the game. It turns out that, as a story starts answering questions, you start forgetting you ever asked them.

Bonus: I brought in Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy’s Bennett Foddy to assess the QWOP-likeness of Death Stranding. There are no story spoilers in this video—just some light mechanical spoilers. I’m mostly putting this video here to break up the text in a manner that calls attention to the important paragraph beneath it.

For people who scrolled to the bottom of the post, looking at their computer monitor between a gap between their fingers: after a ridiculous, scripted, two-minute spoiler warning (which I am quite proud of) this video launches into several brutally tersely worded spoilers. The comments below are similarly riddled with spoilers. Engage at your own risk.


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Whenever I tune Twitch to Death Stranding, it’s either a (well done, but really weird) ten minute cutscene, or a boring (looking) trudge through nice looking scenery. Invariably, the player stops at mailboxes in the middle of nowhere to pick up (something). Excitement (short lived, as it gets repetitive) when a zip line comes into play.

Now, I realize that watching a game is not the same as playing it. Is it fun?