Let's Talk About Chesty Jake Gyllenhaal Some More!

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Why not? That's what everybody like talking about any way. Everybody.

When asked what Chesty Jake is bringing to the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, producer Jerry Bruckheimer replied, "Well, he's very handsome. And he's in fantastic shape. He got in great shape for this movie. And he's a brilliant actor, and that's what it is all about. You know, he's young, he's talented, and that's what we rely on — his talent."

Director Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), told website, /Film, "You can't know how hard he [Jake] worked to make himself the physical personification of that tiny little video game character. And there he is, he's real and he can ride and he can fight and he can shoot and he's a marvelous action hero as well as being the guy that we know from Brokeback Mountain, who's a fabulous actor.


"I was very, very fortunate with Jake," the director continued. "And so, what I was aiming to do was to not produce a simple copy of what was in the video game, but I wanted him to look like that, I wanted him to be able to fight like hell, and I wanted him to be a great action character. And that's what he gave me. Then, we were very careful about certain kind of key sequences, big sequences in the movie. There's a sequence– there's a pursuit in a market, there are several huge fights, there's the taking of the town..."

And the taking off of the shirt. Don't forget that!

Illustration for article titled Let's Talk About Chesty Jake Gyllenhaal Some More!

Exclusive /Film Interview: Mike Newell, Director of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [/Film]

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Does this mean that when I go to see the movie there will be tons of adolescent females behind me giggling whenever he has a scene like this?