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Let's Take A Tour of the ArenaNet Studios, Where The Wall Art Is Beautiful And There's A Cereal Bar

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Guild Wars 2 may be filled with amazing artwork, but the development team behind the game—ArenaNet—makes the best use of them as wall art.

Concept art blown up to staggering sizes line the walls of the two-floor studio, artfully complementing the half-industrial, half-wood laden interior. There really isn't a wall that isn't plastered with gorgeous art.


On our tour of the studio yesterday, Kirk, Jason and I decided to take some video of said art to give you a peek at some of what's featured on the walls. I maybe totally definitely thought about stealing some. But I'm kind of too small to cover it behind my back.

Then there is the cereal bar, which up until I went to ArenaNet I did not know I need to have in my future dream mansion. Except mine will be filled with sugary goodness, rather than the healthier looking selection you see in this video.

The last stop on our tour was the room no game company is complete without: the game room. Filled with board games, ping pong tables and arcade sticks, the ArenaNet game room is a force to reckon with. They even hold tournaments there sometimes.


And that concludes your virtual tour. Sorry I couldn't steal you any awesome concept art. (And by you I mean me.)