Based on what we've seen of Smash Run, the recently-revealed multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. where players traverse dungeon-like levels and collect power-ups, it looks like the 3DS-specific mode could be a blast.

The smaller details hidden in the Smash Run footage—which GameXplain break down in the video above—only solidify that notion. Here is some of what they notice in the Smash Run footage:

  • There don't seem to be multiple maps to choose from—the layout is always the same.
  • Healing food items pop in randomly, as do enemies (and there are a ton of enemies).
  • They analyze at all the enemies we see, many of which are from big Nintendo franchises like Mario, Donkey Kong and Kirby.
  • They take a closer look at the items you can equip in Smash Run, which can give you special powers—some of which belong to other characters.
  • You can collect trophies while playing, though they're a mystery.
  • They discuss the special reward you get when you defeat enemies, which come in bronze, silver and gold varieties.
  • They talk about the items that affect your stats—and how it seems the max you can reach is 1K.
  • The different types of matches that players will battle in at the end of a Smash Run.

There's some other stuff in the video too, of course—it's worth a watch!

And if you want to look at the thing that inspired the mode, this is also worth watching:

Super Smash Bros. Analysis: Smash Run (Secrets & Hidden Details - Wii U & 3DS)[GameXplain]