Yes, E3 2019 ended three weeks ago. However, in my nightmares, I’m still there, slamming energy drinks and binge-sitting in every gamer chair my eyes can see. As long as my neck still hurts from the flight back, I cannot refrain from scraping the bottom of the E3 barrel. Watch me try and fail to die as E3 2019's lights go out one by one in this short horror film: “E3: GAME OVER (or, ‘A Big Boy Encounters A Barrel Bottom’).”

This video serves as a sequel of sorts to last year’s “The Weirdest Things We Saw At E3 2018.” Paul Tamayo edited that video in my stead, because both producer Matthew Reyes and I were out of our respective offices. Even a year later, he often regales me with anecdotes about how joyful he found the editing process of that video.


This year, encouraged by Paul’s tales of joy, I attempted to experience the joy myself—both while editing and in the shooting of the footage. Literary critics will later say that “joy” is, in fact, what this video is all about: it’s about trying to rekindle the childish joy I felt when attending my first E3 nineteen years ago. In metaphor with so many other elements of life, my “character” in this “film” endeavors to rekindle this childish joy perhaps when it’s already too late: with just 30 minutes remaining on the last day of E3 2019.

Does my fictionalized self manage to rekindle the childish joy? I’d probably be lying if I said yes, though please watch the video, and chug that thumbs-up icon on our YouTube channel like it was a Sugar Free Red Bull.


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