Let's Patapon 2 Multiplayer

Who wants to hear about Patapon 2? And, specifically, about it's biggest new addition, multiplayer? Oh, you? Great, take a seat. We spoke with Patapon creator Hiroyuki Kotani today, and got a good look at the sequel's new multiplayer aspect, which lets up to four players (ad-hoc) take part in a two-stage affair. First stage, it's standard Patapon stuff, with players taking control of customisable heroes (with masks!) as you kill animals. Second stage you take the animal's egg, and play what amounts to a Parappa/Bemani section, where you hit buttons as symbols pass a marker. Hit them well enough and the egg breaks, and you get...yes, a mask! Confused? The video above should make things clear. One interesting thing Kotani divulged was that the multiplayer games aren't intended to be battles in the strictest sense. Yes, you fight, but with players having to work together to maintain the rhythm, it's as much about the music as it is the combat.

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Yay! Even more minigames I don't want to play to get items I don't need! I was hoping that Patapon 2 would at least address that the weapon collection aspect of Patapon is flawed at best, but instead it looks like just more of the same. Happy about the new units (does that short guy...carry drinks into battle?), happy about multiplayer, sad that it comes down to this. Boss levels were never half as fun as killin' buncha wimpy enemy levels.