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How To Make Your Own Mario Level

Making levels in Mario Maker is easy. Like, really easy. In a good way.

Actually beating them? Not so much.

Nintendo took the lid off this exciting Wii U game that lets players build their own Super Mario levels this morning during its E3 press event, and Kotaku was able to go hands on with it soon after. Thankfully, the game's level editor is as seamlessly fun and adorable as Nintendo promised. In the video up top, you can see Jason Schreier happily plopping down Goomba after Goomba, Koopa Troopa after Koopa Troopa, until the end-of-level flag pole is absolutely surrounded by bad guys.


Jason still managed to make it to the finish line in one piece. I'm not sure I could have, however. And just wait until all the expectant Super Mario Bros. fans out there get to work on this thing.

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Two things.

1. I plan on using this to build pretty houses for Mario to live in and I'll make bedrooms for the goombas and koopas and pretend they're my family.

2. On the TV screen, when you're editing a level, there's a photographic hand holding the stylus doing the edits. How weird is that? Is that how the actual game is gonna be, or is that just an E3 demonstration thing? I kind of like it, but it will be weird if it looks nothing like your hand (e.g. if you're a person of color).