Let's Look At Final Fantasy XIII Summon's Horsey Mode

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Summon character Odin has been appearing in Final Fantasy games since FFIII. The summon returns for FFXIII, and he can only be summoned by character Lighting.


Here is a first look at Odin in his "Gestalt Mode" in which he transforms into a horse for Lighting to ride. Gitty-up!

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Rachel Fogg

I prefer Odin summon with Sleipnir (the horse with 8 legs, he was in VII)....if he was going to transform into a horse...couldn't he, I dunno. Turn into that? (yes, more legs equal awesome.)

He just looks like a badass pony, a lesser form of Ixion...I don't know how boss I'll be on a mecha pony but I do know if I could, I would ride atop Ixion. This just looks like fail.

So uh...-10.

Now SE, perhaps you can not screw up with Bahamut like, turn him into a jetski or a hummer.