Let's Listen To That Controversial LBP Song

Last week, Sony announced a worldwide recall and delay for LittleBigPlanet after two expressions from the Qur’an were discovered in the lyrics of one of the game’s licensed music tracks. The song is titled “Tapha Niang” off the album Boulevard de l'independance. It’s actually a pretty catchy song, and I'm quite disappointed it won't be in the final game. If you managed to get a retail copy before the recall, it might not matter since it's believed Media Molecule will release a patch to remove the song from every copy anyway. So enjoy it while you can.


My opinion is not PC, so if that offends you, dont read.

I am tired of this catering to a certain religion. This sort of things has been happening in all forms of entertainment ever since the bombing of the Danish embassies because of a comic that portrayed the prophet Muhammad.

Here is the thing that I don't get, these people want to be a part of the global community, but they do not want to accept everything that comes with that. In a global community, nothing is sacred. Islam more than any religion over the past 100 years has a bigger problem with violent radicalization than any other. The Islamic community as a whole need to collectively "get over themselves". In the large scale of things, they are not that important. Yes, they are the world's second largest religion, but who cares. In a globalized world that isn't important. Creating a place in the global community and working there is what people need to do. But Islam as a religion is all over the map, with so many different viewpoints on their own religion that if you piss off someone, it is quite possible there is a radical out there willing to do something quite stupid and cause violence to prove their point.

The world is afraid of Islam because of the radicalized sect. The problem I believe is that everyone is so afraid to make one small mistake for fear of the retribution by the radicalized community. I have no idea whey these people have a problem with someone disagreeing with them. I have major issues with Islam's culture and their teachings. There, I said it. Get over it. Nothing is sacred in a globalized world. If you worry about everything that disagrees with you your head will explode (sometimes literally).

I think the only true remedy for this situation is to drag Islam through the cultural mud. Christianity constantly deals with it but you don't see a Baptist rushing an embassy with a bomb strapped to their chest because some newspaper depicted Jesus in a bar. Their culture preaches peace, but at the same time they have a fundamental problem with radicalization. If we the free people of the world (the United States and Europe, you guys in Europe need to step up and join in here) need to show Islam that we don't indeed care about their religion. Ignoring it isn't enough. I want to see depictions of Muhammad on the Jerry Springer show, Maury Povich with some crazy 14 year old who says he is her baby's daddy. He needs to be skewered on SNL, MadTV. I want to see the most ignorant jokes spread around everywhere. I want to see games where you go punch out all of the major characters from the Quran. I want to see Chris Rock, Dave Attel, Robin Williams rip into this guy. Hell I would even settle for folks like Andrew Dice Clay(actually that would be awesome) or Eddie Murphy. Even Dane Cook would do. A real battle royale on the Chepelle show.

My point here is not to spread hatred for a group. Hatting people because they are part of a group is ignorant. I think you can not like things about a culture, but still think the people are good people. What I want to do is prove to the Islamic world 2 things.

1)we are not afraid of your hatred of our culture.

2)but Islam on the same level as Christianity in our culture. Meaning that religious folk can be offended, but nobody thinks twice about it.

And if Muslim's can be offended by a game that is all about being happy, I have little hope for them.

Side note)if this is from a real CD, then why the hell wasn't it pulled?