Yes! Let's! A report issued by Famitsu publishers and all-round industry analyst types Enterbrain has given us the lifetime sales figures for the current generation of Japanese consoles. Handhelds, too. And, just for good measure, the PS2. They serve to put a few recent trends into perspective. For one, the 360 - which is the fastest-growing console in the country, with sales up 157% in recent months - has still been outsold by the PS3 3:1. And for all the PSP's recent chart domination, the DS is still kicking its ass. And that's not even counting DS Phat sales. The total figures are: PS2: 21,454,325 DS Lite: 17,080,747 PSP: 10,181,888 Wii: 6,826,612 DS: 6,449,206 PS3: 2,369,484 Xbox 360: 748,992 Xbox 360 Growth in Japan Has Topped All Platforms from March to September [GameDaily]