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The 3DS is an impressive piece of kit. It's similar enough to the DS to capitalise on its predecessor's familiarity, but its machined edges and glossy finish give it a more refined look. It's not, however, perfect.


Let's try and make it perfect. And do it properly this time, now that we know what it actually looks like. Since the design we saw at E3 is not guaranteed to be the final finished product - Nintendo can, like it did with the DS, make cosmetic changes - there's room for some tweaks to be made. A nip here, a tuck here, a surprise new feature added at the 11th hour.


What would you like to see from the final 3DS? You can either shoot for realism and suggest superficial changes on things like shell design or colour range (why aren't there more cream consoles?), or you can get greedy like me up top and ask for bigger screens and, more importantly, two thumbsticks.

I'll add the best ones below:

- Removable battery pack
- 3D cameras on the outside and inside of the handheld
- Two analog sticks
- Both screens the same size

Of course, Nintendo in all likelihood won't add anything to the 3DS, or make any big changes. But it's nice to vent sometimes, isn't it?

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