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Let's Hope This Tasteful Gran Turismo Clothing Isn't Repeatedly Delayed

Illustration for article titled Lets Hope This Tasteful emGran Turismo/em Clothing Isnt Repeatedly Delayed

Sure, you may be hard-pressed seeing the branding at all, but official Gran Turismo clothing was never going to be of the tacky-slogan-on-a-t-shirt variety.


This line of clothing, now available for the first time to those in the USA, keeps its Gran Turismo roots very close to its chest, opting for subtle badges and inconspicuous labels.

Prices range from $29 for the shirt to $199 for the "endurance jacket". While they may look a little too "European cologne commercial" for many, I can at least appreciate the restraint shown!


[Gran Turismo Boutique]

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Did anyone else notice this? Gotta' love those esses!