Let's Go Back To Final Fantasy Tactics. Oh, What An Intro This Game Had

The time has come. The time when I will finally play Final Fantasy Tactics. It's been a blind spot for years, a game that I have wanted to play ever since I became terribly addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo DS.

And now, at the start of 2013, I am going to play it. I'll be playing the PSP version of the game, writing about it here, talking with our resident FFT expert Jason Schreier, and generally taking us all on a trip back to Ivalice (for the first time.)

But before all that, I wanted to share and talk about the freakin' intro to the game, which is one of the most gorgeous and interesting opening cinematics I've ever seen. Everything is just outstanding, from the Bells of Mystery to the Disney Build of "Square Enix Presents" to the Triumphal Theme of "Welcome To The Main Menu." Last week, I was raging about this intro to Jason, and his response: "They don't make 'em like this anymore."


They sure don't. I have a feeling that every time someone shares this intro cinematic, ten people begin replaying Final Fantasy Tactics. (Sorry! Or: You're welcome!) I'm six hours in already, and going deeper every day. Looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of my time in January walking in place, holding up potions above my head, and preparing spells. Won't you join me?

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I really, really wish Square would make another Tactics game in the FFT vein. The "new" version of Ivalice they made for Tactics Advance isn't nearly as interesting as the original Ivalice. Especially thanks to the dumbed down storytelling, furries and Disney-inspired art design. The original one just felt more mature and more realistic from a world design perspective.

Of course, I would also accept a new Tactics Ogre, provided it's as brutal, morally ambiguous and depressing as the original. Man, Tactics Ogre was a great game. Still is.

Square doesn't make ANYTHING as good as these games anymore. I'm starting to think they can't. :/