GSC Game World, developers of the cult PC shooter series STALKER, think there are people out there who would like to dress like someone who scrounges around in post-apocalyptic wastelands. So they've come up with an official line of STALKER clothing!

You can't buy any of these yet - GSC are just in the "prototype" stage, asking what fans think of the gear - but if there are enough die-hard fans to head out into the woods making their own STALKER-inspired clothing, surely there are enough who are happy to pay someone else to make it for them.

The line blends clothing that looks like it comes straight from the game with stuff that just looks...athletic with a STALKER logo on the front. Beats a line of Hot Topic shirts saying "I HEART CHERNOBYL", though!

Stalker Clothing Prototypes [Facebook, thanks Arkosis!]