Let's Discuss Alan Wake Episode Three - Now

Let's go back to me in high school. Sophomore year. English class. Camus' The Plague. None us read it. The teacher made us sweat it out silently. You talk about Alan Wake Episode 3 please. I, uh, am behind!

Sorry folks, but your Game Club hits rough waters today thanks to a skipper spending his weekend out of town and then too distracted by the Lost finale to get to the third episode of Alan Wake. (The skipper was also probably spending too much time mixing metaphors.)


So YOU get to lead the discussion of Alan Wake's third episode. Don't you worry. I'll be caught up for tomorrow's discussion of the fourth episode.

Note: Our Alan Wake Game Club will return Tuesday, at the same hour, 3pm Kotaku Time (5pm ET/ 1pm PT) with a discussion of the game's fourth episode

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