Let's Discuss Alan Wake Episode Four - Now

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We're far into Alan Wake now people. It's Episode 4 and Alan says he feels like he's in a horror movie. Your thoughts?


Do you agree with the narration at the beginning of this chapter, that the game has begun to turn into a horror experience?

You've been playing as Alan for a while. What do you think of him at this point? And what do you make of some of the key characters in this chapter? The guys in the hospital who just might be gods and our creepy inspirational psychiatrist?

And how's the collecting going? At this point in the game, are you more obsessive or less about manuscript pages and thermoses? I've been able to stress about them less. You?

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I loved this chapter overall. I think it really did a good job proving that this game is not psychological horror! At this point, so many people I've seen insist that it's a horror game (Leigh Alexander completely missing the point and saying on Gamasutra that the game is harmed by it), but it's not. It's a psychological thriller. They're two different genres.

It's like saying that pirates and the wild west is the same. Sure, there are genre similarities and it's been heavily romanticized by the media, but they are fundamentally different.

The fact that people immediately assume that horror elements make a game a horror game is really frustrating to me.

When you're up on stage rockin' like a motherfucker singing Children of the Elder God and fireworks are blowing all around you and it's all like "fuck yeah" it's totally a thriller. The emphasis on characters is more proof that it's a thriller, as well as the frequent combat.

Interestingly, the game actually becomes more of a horror game the higher the difficulty is. Once ammo becomes scare and you're focused on survival, it really feels like survival horror.

...but ultimately, it really is an action title. That's why there's plenty of guns and ammo and fighting going on.