Let's Cook With Manga!

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Nearing Four Decades Well, Happy Birthday man! Sounds like you had a nice birfday. Back when Mrs. Bashcraft was in the hospital, Dale from Infendo.com was kind enough to send along The Manga Cookbook — which is exactly what you'd think it is, a manga cookbook. It's got a buncha easy recipes for Japanese food like for cute bentos, okonomiyaki, beef bowl, etc. Mrs. Bashcraft is back from the hospital, of course, and has been feeling up to cooking. But, I think I might make her dinner tomorrow... Oh, and finding a human heart in your lawn, GROSS. What you missed last night Xbox 360 60GB Already In The Wild Mortal Kombat Team Didn't Think Reaction To DC Crossover Would Be *That* Bad Metal Gear Solid? In *My* Soulcalibur IV? Free Xbox Live Silver Online Play Confirmed, Explained, Limited Pre-Wii, Iwata Was Worried He'd Get Fired, Nintendo Would Die A Slow Death Activision Adds Sierra's Spyro, Crash To Line Up; Ghostbusters, Brütal Legend Dropped? Are These Your Red Alert 3 System Specs? Here's Your Mortal Kombat v DC Joker Nintendo And 54 Companies Battle Evil R4 In Court Tons (Yes, Tons) Of LittleBigPlanet Info PS3/PSP Sales Up, Overall Software Sales Down Sony Shifts 1.5 Million PS3s, 3.7 Million PSPs In Q1 2008


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