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Let's Check out a Sports Game That Isn't American (or About Soccer)

The biggest sports game in the world is EA's FIFA series. After that? A whole bunch of American sports. Great for Americans, or the sport's fans, but they're not the only sports in the world.


So let's take a gander today at Rugby Challenge, from New Zealand outfit Sidhe Interactive. A common complaint levelled against Rugby games, including those released by Sidhe in the past (they've done a bunch of Rugby League games), has been their (relatively) low production values, resulting in things spare presentation and wonky player animation.

This clip looks far more promising. Rugby Challenge is hoping to capitalise on increased interest in the sport given the fact this is a World Cup year, and the game has the official licenses for big teams and competitions like the All Blacks, Wallabies, Super Rugby and European competitions along with 31 stadiums.


It'll be out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC towards the end of the year, with a PS Vita release to follow.

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Looks promising, but will it ever live up to the legend that was Jonah Lomu Rugby for the PS1?