Let's Build A Zoo Is A Zoo-Building Game With Moral Choices To Make

Gif: Springloaded Games

Coming this summer to PCs everywhere, Springloaded Games’ Let’s Build A Zoo is a charming game about building a fantastical theme park starring nature’s beautiful creatures. Or splicing together animals into hideous hybrids dwelling in a twisted meat factory. How fun!


While there’s no real sign of it in this morning’s launch trailer, Let’s Build A Zoo is more than a cutesy park management sim. It’s not just about acquiring animals, managing crowds, and decorating parks. It’s also about the means one uses to procure said animals. Should you buy them from a black market dealer? Should you raise normal animals or splice them together into abominations?

Who would report an innocent black market animal dealer to the police?
Screenshot: Springloaded Games

Let’s Build A Zoo is also, as hinted at in an early gameplay video uploaded to publisher No More Robots’ YouTube channel today, about what you do with your precious animals. Why are the buildings in the screenshot below belching smoke? Is that a shop selling alligator luggage?

Are those restaurants? Serving zoo critters?
Screenshot: Springloaded Games

Things are obviously not all that they seem in Let’s Build A Zoo. Or they are exactly as they seem, depending on your in-game morals.

The announcement trailer is almost too cheerful.

Let’s Build A Zoo is planned for a summer release on PC. Eager beavers looking to get an early taste can register for the upcoming closed beta here.

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If I cant trap the patrons in the zoo and unleash the lions, tigers and bears I’m not interested.