Let's Blame Nintendo!

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Nintendo's doing great! Making tons of money — just look at it go, go, go. What does that mean for its competitors? It means things are hard and not easy. Publisher THQ had a disappointing year with its Disney movie games. According to company CEO Brian Farrell :

The kids' market was extremely competitive during fiscal '08. In fact, it was the most crowded market for video games for kids in recent memory. With a tough Pixar comparison to Cars [Ratatouille] and new competition from Nintendo's first-party titles — as well as new music games — our traditionally strong kids' business did not meet expectations.


Wait, back up. Since when is Nintendo "new competition"? Like, since 1985?! Our advice: Stop passing the buck.
Nintendo Making Life Hard [casualgaming via GamesRadar] [Pic]

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People, people, people. What do you think FUNDS the development of the really great games? It's the shovelware. And let's face it, shovelware is the *bread and butter* of the games industry, hands down.

Look at PS1 and PS2. 80%+ of their libraries were *complete TRASH*, and it was those shit games that funded the 20% golden games. Nintendo saw that model, has adopted it and said "sure, anything goes, just make sure our system has the most games"—which it does. Most good games? Not by a mile. But most games (in this gen so far) is undeniable, and it's one of the reasons Wii will not be dethroned this generation.