Been almost a year to the day since we first heard BioShock was making the jump to mobile phones. And we haven't heard squat from it since. So let's catch up with some footage.

This was taken from the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, and shows what the 3D version of the game will look like. There's also a 2D version of the game for less powerful phones which, judging by the concept, sounds awful. But that's just us, as developers Indiagames would have you believe otherwise:

The 2D version, even when I first thought of it, I said 'how can you do a 2D version of BioShock? I'll tell you what: our guys and 2K have really captured the essence of the game in a 2D format. It's really unbelievable. It obviously doesn't look like BioShock as you know it, but it gives you the same essence. The guys are pretty proud of it.

Both versions should be out "soon".

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