Let Us Mourn the Games We've Loved and Lost

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Commenter Shin Lord was so certain his post about video games and consoles we regret trading, selling, or losing would make it into Speak Up on Kotaku he made his own image. Cocky bastard, isn't he?


Parting ways with a video game or console is easy for some, but traumatic for others. Since gaming is an expensive hobby, I understand why people sell or trade their games. Very rarely have I done this, and usually I end up regretting it.

Back in high school I sold my Atari 2600 with a bunch of games to my neighbor, who had a crapload of little kids, for a measly $20. I regret doing that to this day.


What games do you regret getting rid of?

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I'm sad that I never even had a Super Nintendo - by the time I was really getting into video games was around when the N64 came out. I was born in 1991, right in the SNES's prime. My grandmother had one at her house for when me or my cousins would visit so we could keep busy if we ever got bored. I don't know where it went, however, but I remember playing the shit out of Super Mario Bros. All Stars - specifically SMB3 (I loved the raccoon tail!) - and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

I've recently thought about buying a SNES on Amazon just so I can play those games again, but then I always remember - emulators on my PC and hook it up the TV. Then I can play in pseudo HD!...yet part of me still wants one, even though there is a free and considerably better alternative.