Let Us Make Science, No Matter The Cost!

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Rarely does a game with such a boring name and such a boring premise turn out to be so damn addictive.

SpaceChem is a puzzle game that appears initially frightening, heavy on scientific terminology and symbols, but persevere and you'll soon find it's one of the more polished and addictive puzzle games in recent memory. It's certainly got the most rousing soundtrack.

It's available for $20 from the developer's site, but you can grab a demo now if you want to give it a spin.


A warning: we're not kidding with the science stuff. For a puzzler, normally the simplest and most accessible of genres, this one will take some notes and some repeat play.

SpaceChem [Zachtronics, via IndieGames]

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See, this is how they should use education in games.

Use Science, Maths, English, anything but use it in a way that is intelligent. Built it into the game, not build a game around the teaching ideal.

It would be great. Step aside Sesame Street Numbers and the like!

(Disclaimer: I have no idea if the references are indeed accurate to real life. I do not in anyway claim that this game is educational. If you think that it is by my statement, then you a gullible. If this game is in fact educational, then I will eat my words first and foremost. And then take credit for pointing it out.)