​Let the Next-Gen Engine for The Division Blow Your Mind Even More

Quick, think of the burliest video game engines that you've seen lately. Frostbite 3. Unreal Engine 4. That Luminous Studio demo Square Enix showed off at E3 2012. Project Cars. Pretty soon, you're going to have to add Snowdrop to that list.

Ubisoft first showed the tech behind its upcoming Tom Clancy game at E3 last year, with a surprise reveal that no one saw coming. With the Game Developers Conference happening right now, the French company's offering another peek under the hood of Snowdrop.


Right now, it appears that Snowdrop is only being used for The Division but when companies invest in building tech like this, you better believe they're going to us for as many games as they can.


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Greg the Mad

I've seen a lot of engines in my days. Unreal3-4, Cry3, Frostbite, Unity, and some others. I even downloaded several and tried them out first hand.

I'm telling you this so you will understand the full weight of what I'm about to say:

... Ah, pardon me. I wasn't able to contain myself.