PC gaming rules South Korea. It has for years now, and that doesn't look like it will change. But as of this week, there's one arena where Nintendo rules South Korea: Happy Meal toys.

Via tipster Sang, here are numerous pics of folks in South Korea lining up early this morning for the second wave of McDonald's Happy Meal toys that were released today in the country.

[Photo: Lujina0315]

[Photo: JPcorps]


[Photos: press_lotus]

[Photos: sbjune]

Some lines stretched outside. Some went up to the second floor.

[Photo: ilyoil]

[Photo: JPcorps]

Here are signs saying stores have run out of them.

[Photo: blond_rix]

[Photo: Rainygirl]

[Photo: gksquf9407]

Here is a sign that offers to buy people's burgers for the equivalent of a dollar if they're purchasing the Happy Meals only for the Nintendo toys.

[Photos: SJET_Sua]

What are the toys that are causing such a fuss?

[Photo: LunaLenford]

Look familiar? These are, I believe, the same toys that were released by McDonald's in Europe earlier this spring. Herald Corp (via Sang) reports that people are trying to make money by selling the toys online and that some witnesses claimed one person ordered a hundred Happy Meals. [Note: Readers point out that these appear different from the toys released in Europe.]


MTN (also via Sang) reports that some Korean websites have started banning members for thirty days should they attempt to resell the Mario Happy Meal toys.

Fans getting excited about McDonald's Mario toys is great news for Nintendo. Now, if only the company's South Korean branch would release the Wii U there.

해피밀 맥도날드 슈퍼마리오 2차, 되팔기 논란 속 '중고 사이트 판매 금지 실시' [MTN Thanks, Sang!]

맥도날드 해피밀 슈퍼마리오 2차 판매, 사재기에 암시장 생겨... '단속 시작' [Herald Corp]

[Top photo: sjlayla]

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