Let Japanese Women Compliment Your Urination. "You Peed So Much!"

Sega Toys made a urine powered game called Toirettsu. It's being location-tested. Now, even as I write that, you're probably thinking, what the hell does a urine powered game look like? Well, I'll show you—minus the real dicks and the real pee. (Sorry!)


The games are largely self-explanatory, such as blowing up a weather lady's skirt with your powerful pee or shooting milk out of a character's nose with, once again, your powerful pee. There's also a wee game in which a little statue fills up cans of canned coffee. With tinkle?


Compliments, such as "Nice peeing!" or "You peed a lot!", are given when players (peers?) finish their business.

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Let's increase the difficulty by replacing the anime woman with real naked woman.

As players get more aroused it becomes harder and harder to aim at the target because, well, it's hard for men with a boner to pee downward.

There Japan, I've just one upped your perverseness!