League of Legends forum-goers are perplexed by the elusiveness of this rare duck seen wandering about in the public beta environment of the game. It’s a time for duck huntin’.

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Forum-typer Walking Titan remarks on League gameplay and balance forums that a duck sighted in the PBE a while back has not returned to the game, sparking some consternation as to the whereabouts of The Duck:

Where did it go?

Is it still coming?

Did it leave Summoners Rift to join ISIS?

How did it taste?

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Does it say Quack?

Does it have 3 knock ups and a Revive passive?

If you are wondering why this is a balance issue, think about this.

Duck champions Winrate = 0%

Not-Duck champions Winrate = 100%

Walking Titan, like all good investigative journalists, links to his source.

Riot has replied saying that the duck does still spawn, just at a 10% spawn chance for a game, making it a rare sighting. User Maegges remarks of a sighting: “I have seen it paddlin in the river between lower midlane and dragon pit... then it went into the small bush and disappeared”, whilst for other players the duck has become illustrious, a token of good luck. Says user RasCaelestis:

I saw it a while ago, but no one else on my team did. We were all in a Skype call together, and I mentioned it. They all looked for it, but couldn’t see it even though I pinged right on top of it. They said I was going insane, but I got a screenshot of it before it floated into the bush just north of the Dragon Pit. All game long I got crap for it. “Enemy jungler’s headed top. Be careful, I think he’s got a duck with him.” “They got Dragon, but it’s fine. We got the Duck. It gives better stats.” “Guys, Zed just warned me: The unseen duck is the deadliest.” It was funny, but I must have seemed insane to them. After the game I showed them the screenshot and they finally believed me. So far I and only one other person (of our usual group of 6) have seen it. It’s become a sign of good luck for us, since every time it’s seen we win by a landslide.


The question remains: Where exactly is this duck? Why did Riot make the duck? Does Riot hate ducks? Is the duck good luck? Will the duck rise up to become a Champion? Why does it only spawn 10% of the time? Is it a Bad Duck? Why am I becoming known for stories about ducks?

Have you seen the illustrious Lesser Spotted Duck of League? Please give me your stories anon. Video above courtesy of LoLeaks, an excellent duck journalism source.

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