Less Focus on DRM, More on Anti-Piracy Tech

Blizzard tells VideoGamer it has spent more development time focusing on "content and cool features" than on anti-piracy tech. What's more, DRM is described as a "losing battle". This attitude, however, sounds like a winning one.

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Mark Hengst

I just love the notion that software companies should just do nothing about piracy. People offer such wonderful platitudes as "Make a better game and then people will want to buy it".

B.S. pirates want something for nothing, end of story. Sure there are possibly some random dudes who merely try a game and then buy it, but don't fool yourself. People who engage in software and music piracy are people who feel they are entitled to things. They will always find a way to justify their actions.

I think Steam and Blizzard have both latched onto the idea that persistent online connections and software clients like Battlen.net and Steam are the way to go. They use DRM, quite a brutal form and then rip on other companies who attempt their own versions of DRM.