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LEGO's 'Largest' Ever Set Is The 9090-Piece Titanic

At 135cm long, good luck finding a shelf to put it on

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
An image of the LEGO Titanic
Image: LEGO

It’s been over 100 years since the RMS Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic, killing 1,500 people in one of the greatest civilian maritime disasters in human history. Which is enough time to have passed, LEGO figures, to release a great big toy based on the ship.

The LEGO Titanic, due for release in November, is making the most of its subject matter: The actual ship was, at the time, the largest ever built, and so too is this (according to LEGO) the “largest official LEGO set ever created. It comes in at 9090 pieces, and measures an enormous 54" (135cm) long.

(Whether you want to argue that point is up to you, since the World Map set includes over 11,000 pieces)

A close-up of the interior of Lego's Titanic model.
Image: LEGO

While the outside of the ship is incredibly detailed—featuring little touches like a working anchor and tension lines—it’s also designed to be taken apart. Not to recreate the breaking up of the ship as it sank beneath the waves, no—that would be a bit much. Instead the point here is that you can slide the ship apart to reveal the insides.


If you think it looks complicated, you’re not wrong, the build is recommended for those 18 and over. It’s due out on November 1, and if you’re still wondering how much it’s going to cost, you are obviously new to this whole “LEGO in 2021" thing, so please sit down before reading that the RRP is USD$630.

The enormous box in which Lego's 9090 piece Titanic set comes.
Image: LEGO

From LEGO, here’s some of the finer details:

  • Build a stunning LEGO® model version of the world’s most famous ocean liner with this LEGO Titanic 10294 model set. With over 9,000 pieces, this set offers a building challenge to savor.
  • Faithfully recreate the historical details of the Titanic in this 1:200 scale ship model. Authentic details include over 300 portholes, the iconic bridge, lifeboats, benches, cargo crane and more.
  • The ship splits into 3 sections, giving a view of the detailed interior. Assemble and admire the grand staircase, cabins, dining room, smoking lounge, reading lounge and swimming pool.
  • Build and explore the realistic features of a working ship. Turn the propellers to see the piston engines turn inside. Raise and lower the anchor and adjust the tension line running between the masts.