Polish LEGO enthusiast Michal Kazmierczak picked a rather surprising scene from the Star Wars universe for his truly impressive build: the tiny red planet Mustafar, where Anakin fought Obi-Wan Kenobi and, as a result of his loss, he became Darth Vader.

Just for comparison, the official LEGO Death Star, one of the largest in the series, consists of 3,803 pieces, and this one has 60,000. So even if most of this build is lava (amazingly well-made lava!), 60,000 blocks just feels unreal. Check out the artist's photostream for more pics.


LEGO actually had an official Mustafar set released back in 2005, but it's... well.. a bit smaller.


Mustafar by Michal Kazmierczak [Flickr]

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