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LEGO: Harry Potter Officially Announced

Illustration for article titled LEGO: Harry Potter Officially Announced

Having already been revealed earlier this year, Warner Bros. & LEGO have today officially announced LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4.


Not the catchiest title, we know, but it gets its point across, with players given the option of controlling Harry, Ron or Hermione as they work their way through the first four books/movies of the Harry Potter series.


Long-time LEGO Star Wars/Indy developers Travellers Tales will again be developing the title, which is scheduled for release sometime during 2010.

No platforms were specifically indicated, probably because you can bet it will appear on all of them.

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Hurray, I can picture it now:

Some area's can only be accessed by members of the four different houses.

Some area's can only be reached by animagus characters.

Other area's are exclusive to teachers.

And so on so on.

Sounds like a really fun game and, having enjoyed all the TT lego games to date, I will most likely buy it.