LEGO. And Ghostbusters. Two things that should have come together officially long ago, but for some reason, never have. Ah well. That's where talented fans come in. And enough passionate ones to convince LEGO that Ghostbusters LEGO should actually get made.

This set was designe by Brent Waller, who in addition to his LEGO skills is also a games developer, currently working on Syndicate's spiritual successor, Satellite Reign.

It was submitted earlier in the year to LEGO's Cuusoo project, and earlier this month passed the necessary "10,000 likes" threshold that ensures LEGO's licensing folks take a look at it and see if it's worth making a limited commercial run of them (it's how the Minecraft and Back to the Future sets were released).


Fingers crossed that LEGO gives it the nod. Not just because Venkman's face is perfect, but because Waller did something the movie never did, and include Winston in the promotional images.


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