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Lego Dimensions Is Officially Over

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After two years spent bringing together characters from 30 different cartoon, television and movie properties in one massive virtual playground, Lego Dimensions is officially done.

While TT Games will continue to provide server and customer support for the expansive Lego toys-to-life game, no further expansion sets will be produced for Lego Dimensions. Official word was delivered today via the official Lego Dimensions Twitter account.


Originally planned as a three-year cycle, with three seasons of new Lego sets introducing new entertainment properties to the game, rumors of the game’s “cancellation” surfaced earlier this year, following the first couple of waves of Lego Dimensions’ second season. Originally posted on game fansite Bricks to Life and more recently in a post on Eurogamer, slow sales of toy sets coupled with a grueling, endless development cycle led to the abandonment of plans for a third season of content.


The game had a good run, outlasting the cancelled Disney Infinity and “on hiatus” Skylanders in the toys-to-life genre. One would be hard-pressed to find another game that brought together characters from so many diverse entertainment properties, from Doctor Who to Mission: Impossible, Teen Titans Go! to Sonic: The Hedgehog. And should the servers ever go down, fans who stuck through to the end still have a pretty amazing Lego collection on their hands.